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Robert Rigg

Your Omeo Agent
For Seattle & Bellevue WA
Omeo brings a smile to the rider.  Omeo smiles bring joy to my heart.

I grew up in Southern California by the beach. My favorite spot was on the beach sometimes by the pier pictured above. Whenever possible I still love to dive into the Pacific Ocean and catch a few waves.


When I teach someone how to ride the Omeo safely and they take their first ride, I love to see the smile appear on their face. The more they ride the more fluid it becomes. Soon the rider and the Omeo are in tune,  a natural dance-like movement takes over as though the rider is floating across the dance floor. The Omeo is dance shoe between the rider and the ground. 

As a psychologist and counselor I have spent years helping people move through change to joy and vibrancy. With the Omeo I see a similar change in just a few minutes. When I see the smiles, the dance, the freedom my joy is increased. It reminds me of the first days of my introduction to surfing so many years ago.

  • Master of Science in Psychology - Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Arizona

  • Masters in Ministry - Cascade Bible College, Kirkland Washington

  • Bachelor of Arts in Teacher Education - Northwest Christian University, Eugene Oregon

  • Associate Degree in Chemical Dependency Counseling - Bellevue College, Bellevue Washington

  • Dr. Amen Clinics Affiliate 

  • 25 Years Chemical Dependency Counselor

  • 15 Years Founder and Executive Director Faith Based Counseling and Treatment Agency

  • 15 Years Congregational Care Counseling

  • 5 Years Public Schools Intervention Specialist

  • 15 years Experience Genesis Process Coach

  • Member America Association of Christian Counselors

  • Member American Coaching Association

  • Member American Psychological Association

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